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Introduction of the mechanical structure of finger clamp type corn machine



2021-07-22 17:24


[Abstract] This article describes the mechanical principle of the machine

The power of the walking wheel of finger clamp type corn machine is transmitted to the shaft of finger clamp type seed metering device, which makes the fixed plate with finger clamp rotate, and the finger clamp is opened and closed regularly in the process of rotation by cam.

In the opening stage, the finger clamp of finger clamp type corn machine enters into the seed layer for seed filling. After the finger clamp is closed, the seeds are transported to the bumper for seed cleaning to remove the excess seeds, so that only one seed is left in the finger clamp cavity. Then the seeds are put into the seed metering room at the back through the seed unloading port, and the seeds are transported to the bottom by the seed metering belt and put into the seed bed through the seed metering port.

The results showed that the finger clamp type corn machine had good precision seed metering performance, which could meet the agricultural technical requirements of high-speed sowing.

Finger clamp is the core component of finger clamp type corn machine. The reasonable selection of its parameters will directly affect the filling rate. The metering device of finger clamp type corn machine adopts small arc-shaped short clip finger, which has good effect. The cam is pressed with nylon and added with anti-wear pad, which can effectively reduce the wear of the clip tail and prolong the service life of the metering device

The function of the bumper in finger clamp type corn machine can not be ignored. The reasonable selection of the parameters of the bumper plays an important role in the accuracy of sowing. The seed metering device adopts a double pit type bumper with shallow front pit and deep back pit, so that the seed cleaning effect is better. The parameters of the seed metering belt directly affect the accuracy of seed feeding. The finger clamp type corn machine also uses a 30 ° lateral inclined rubber seed metering belt, which makes the seeds evenly distributed.


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