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How to operate the corn planting machine for corn seeding



2021-07-29 10:56


[Abstract] This article describes how to operate the corn planting machine for corn seeding

To make full use of the working efficiency of the correct corn planting machine, we must master the correct way to use it.

Prepare for planting well. Operators should be familiar with the instructions of the corn planting machine and be skilled in operating the corn planting machine.

Make sure that the corn planting machine is in good condition before use, clean up any debris in the soil, and grease the corn planting machine and the tractor where it needs greasing.Tighten all bolts before working.

The frame of the corn planting machine is adjusted to ensure that the frame remains level both before and after it hitches the tractor.According to the requirements of soil and the variety of corn, adjust the row spacing of trencher, the depth of press wheel and the number of seeding to meet the requirements.Then add the determined amount of corn seed to the box.

In order to improve the quality of seeding, it is necessary to test-seed before planting.

Formal seeding can be carried out after trial seeding confirms compliance with agronomic requirements.

The route of the corn planting machine should be easy to get in and out, as well as to add seeds. Once you start the work, you can not stop midway or drive at a fast or slow speed. Keep a straight and even speed to avoid missing or replaying the seed.

Lift up the planting box to prevent blockage of the ditch opener when turning or reversing to the ground.When working on the corn planting machine, care should be taken to keep the amount of seed in the planting box more than 1/5 of the total volume. Therefore, check the number of seeds in the box and add seeds in time.

When the corn planting machine is transferring land, make sure there is no seed or other weight in the box.When seeding, we should select and cross-seed the ground head, so as to avoid the ground head being rolled and affecting the quality of work.It is strictly forbidden to turn sharply or reverse during operation, otherwise the machine parts will be easily damaged. During seeding, we should observe the working conditions of the driving parts, ditches, seeding boxes and covers of the machine, and remove the wrapping grass and soil in time.Exclusion must be done after the Corn Planing Machine stops working.


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